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In it the difficult

Now many children are compelled to struggle with tasks, which to a treb yut level of development of organizational skills inaccessible to them.In it the difficult world we cannot leave things to chance.We have to give to children accurate instructions to define problem behavior and move scientific research institute, conducting to achievement of the purpose, and then to develop and use in practice algorithm of training with gradual weakening of control.However there are also other, more natural ways of training with the help support and even games promoting development organizational on vyk in general, but not study of specific objectives.


Timeframe utero, infant, and early, preschool age.Depending on the place of action the damaging factor allocate speech disturbances prices Central or peripheral character.functional disorders arise from the who actions social reasons somatic weakness, pedagogical neglect, stress and mental illness diseases, social or emotional deprivation failure emotional, speech communication and contact comrade with adults, especially with his mother and close friends.Deviations speech development have their own characteristics in each age.

Vine rose. They


The prepared forcemeat to cut in the form of balls size about hazelnut.Transparent borsch Beef g, carrots g, beet g, pickles g, onions g, parsley g, water ml, sugar g, salt g.To cook beef broth with korenye and onions.To cut beet and cucumbers small slices.To put the prepared vegetables in the boiling meat broth and to cook minutes at weak boiling.To add sugar, salt, to boil to readiness.To a borsch to serve croutons or toasts.Broth with a cauliflower Beef g, a cauliflower g, carrots g, onions g, butter g, greens of parsley, fennel, salt to taste.

In more detail

Perhaps, it is the most underestimated strategy, which parents and teachers should use for formation neobkho dimy skills and correct behavior.In more detail about it we let's talk in chapter .Chapter .Definition strong and weaknesses of the child Work on weaknesses Now analyse weaknesses of the child.Most likely, on mortars because of which at it arises most of all troubles or which most strongly irritate you, get to one of these katy riya.Perhaps, angers you that the son constantly forgets to bring home the books necessary for performance of homework, or leaves expensive sports equipment on a game field or at the friend.

To steam

Ready porridge to fill with small cut yolk and h.butter spoon.On to desire during cooking to put in porridge tablespoon of sugar or honey.Cream of wheat with apples Semolina h.spoons, water glasses, apples g, sugar St.spoon, salt to taste.To steam out semolina in boiled water together with cleared and cut on cubes apple.To pour tablespoon of sugar and a pinch of salt into ready porridge, properly to stir and allow to boil once again.Buckwheat cereal with onions and egg Buckwheat glasses, water glass, onion pieces, egg pieces, butter tablespoon, salt to taste.

Parents of the children

These children in other institutions found unsupervised on the program of mass education mental backward.Parents of the children were not agree with this diagnosis, they were interested in the opinion of the specialists of the Center.Was organized approximately diagnostic course the duration of months.Parents are not just when has no competition in the classroom, they were active part partners specialists.The diagnosis was confirmed in only six children.children currently enrolled in school standard programs.

At this time

During pregnancy juice, fruit, berries are recommended are especially useful forest which the person did not poison nitrogencontaining yet fertilizers.At this time it is better to refuse such food which is heavy is digested fat grades of meat, pies, smoked products, or prepares with addition of nitrates sausage, sausages, or is for some allergen fish, chocolate, cocoa.By the beginning of pregnancy it is necessary to try to treat all chronic centers of an infection in teeth, a nasopharynx, urinogenital and digestive systems.


specified Yaks.It always works!said Cyril.Why, I thought that these issues are only on when the relics of money!As you see, not always.On a desert island, for example, money is generally the most useless thing.Remember Robinson and Friday.Think I begin to occur some changes, said Yaks, 't hurt if it's my business?Do not be afraid of change, said beeches, next the story is all about.Ldinka and sunbeam A nice cold Ldinka was very proud of herself.She was so perfect that the sunbeam involuntarily Zala needed it As you're gorgeous!

Trust but verify

By the way, according to the mentioned Decree, citizens have the right to get acquainted with the materials of the inspection, used when considering their Zam the amendments to appeal in the prescribed manner refusal to provide books, and also in the consideration of the merits described in the book of comments in superior organizations Committee on health, Ministry of health the hot lines shown in Appendix and or in Sudwest IMPRISONMENT.Trust but verify So, in our opinion, the advantages of vaccination is much greater than the cons.Od this, however, if you take humanity as a whole.

Small to chop

Salad from a cauliflower Cauliflower heads of cabbage, egg pieces, sour cream h.spoon.Small to chop boiled cabbage and the egg cooked in abrupt.It is good to mix, to fill with sour cream or sunflower oil.Salad from green onions Green onions feathers, egg pieces, vegetable oil h.spoon, sour cream tablespoon.To connect the egg cooked in abrupt to the cut green onions.To fill salad sour cream and sunflower oil.Summer salad Young potatoes pieces, tomato or a cucumber fresh or freshsalted piece, garden radish, turnip slice, is swept away or vegetable oil h.

What was called, feels

Having reached with a happy face a door, he rushes to the room, suppressing laughter; other child hides the face pleated of my dress, the third, having turned back, admires companions, stiffened in mute catalepsy as statues.What was called, feels flattered, as if he received a gift, an award, and they after all know that all will call, starting with most silent in the room.And here, everyone tries to deserve a complete silence honor to be called ny one of the first.Once I was the witness to how the threeyear crumb tried to suppress sneezing and as it managed it.

In this

Arithmetic exercises.In this point, having repeated exercises of feelings, we show Long ladder, but already with other purpose.We force the child to consider whetstones, respectively to blue and red divisions, having begun with a stick with one division and finishing a stick with ten divisions.We repeat these exercises and we complicate in different ways.In drawing we pass from contours of geometrical tabs to other planimetric figures, meeting in our four years' practice and serving at us as models.

O b u h a u s, e and g R y W K I s l e d u e t e m a I n t e l e C to a C t o l e K o R e b e n o u t R e h a s t to h and m I n t e R e with

B u d a R t e a C t I V tion in h and s t R o n C o m games.O b u h a u s, e and g R y W K I s l e d u e t e m a I n t e l e C to a C t o l e K o R e b e n o u t R e h a s t to h and m I n t e R e with .More often use table games.They develop visual, auditory, tactile perception, improve memory, promote the expansion of vocabulary, Faure the formation of the mental operations.Purchase picturesquely subject Lotto; the paired images develop skills to find Odie rakovye pictures, which depict the sign by child objects, prepare to recognition and application minani letters; dominoes games with the movement of chips on the scheme give the idea of the amount; puzzle.

Of course, not real, but selfmade. Firtree

But since

If parents do not estimate progress, to them often it seems that the system does not work, and they start over again to grumble on children.Distortion we learn to estimate time performance of a task Nathan's parents always appreciated consistency of the son vosmiklas snik.It is especially allocated against the sister panicking every time on the eve of examination.But since the boy passed into an average shko lu, its habit to postpone Chapter began to disturb parents more and more.Schooling to planning of time honor homework to withdrawal to a dream.

Cut a bread

In the yellow bowl put a yellow bead and ask those baby to find the same and put it in a bowl.Let baby lay down in the bowl, all yellow beads.Add other items yellow and say, See, they too yellow!Game develops cognitive skills, suppose activities, forms of representation about the basic the colors.Unusual sandwich Agree, have a sandwich delicious.Cut a bread slice diagonally and butter.The baby will be to decorate a sandwich.Let him think top berries, banana, raisins.

Hey, guys, explained

Beeches and Kirill read the inscription and looked at him quizzically.Hey, guys, explained Yaki I'm for that man, who so much money that he was able to buy an expensive pearl his wife!But the story is not about that, said Cyril.What about?That if you really what you want to do something for this, then the dream will come true!It is good!replied Yaks.I wish million I became more and more, that is why we are sitting here with you study the interests of consumers!And we thank thee for this, said beeches.

It does

Organizational skills are necessary for your child for this purpose, that yours came true or they are dreams and hopes.By the end under the rostkovy period children have to master fundamental skill dy to stvovat with a reasonable share of independence.It does not mean that it is impossible for them from time to time to ask for the help or council.But we it is more all should not plan and organize for them, speak to them, when it is necessary to start carrying out this or that task, to bring things, a cat ry they forgot, to remind that it is necessary to be attentive at school.

Show to the child

оооооооо PERESA SHARE, WE SHIFT Seat the kid at the table in kitchen.Put before it some pans, glasses, to the robocheck from plastic.Fill in them not however to spoons of different grain small, large, fi gurny macaroni.Show to the child how to pour contain mine of one pan in another how to shift its spoons of the different size, handfuls or two mya fingers.Leave the kid with all this wealth in private that is do not participate in its games, simply observe from outside.Game carries away some kids so, that they are ready to indulge in it every day and not once.

Finish the massage

Help with bloating Massage of the abdomen .Lightly on clockwise direction around the navel massage baby belly .Do it with the right hand a circular motion , starting with POPAI skills and , gradually increasing pressure , stretch the muscles of the abdomen.Thus rokisober must be clean and fine plastered layer of any nutritious cream .A long of treatment no more than to minutes.Finish the massage of the abdomen also pie movements.If the child is naughty , spend massage admission.Compress.


Folk remedy for the common cold Dissolve teaspoon of honey in table spoons of heat Loy boiled water.Wind on spichku PART II.SYMPTOMS DISEASES fleece, wet it and place in nose for minutes.If the baby is restless , worry, you must first work through him one nostril, and then the second.Children from years old can mash a clove garlic, add Art.spoons of warm boiling Cheney water .To insist minutes in a tightly behind covered jar, then strain and bury quickly into the nose, in one and the other nostril.When spasmodic phenomena and General, one that the some kids just stuff a pillow cones hops.


Then, when grain will take away practically all water to put h.a butter spoon, densely to close a cover and to put on a water bath for minutes.Buckwheat cereal with vegetables in an ancient way To touch, wash out tablespoons of buckwheat.To put in a pan to cut beets or carrots or a vegetable marrow in cubes and to connect to grain.To fill in pan contents with glasses of hot water, to salt a little and to cook on weak fire, often stirring slowly.

Vaccines, like

To vaccinate against all infections with a single injection of drugs the requirement for an ideal vaccine.Vaccines, like other medicines, undergo numerous Lenna clinical trials to ensure maximum safety and efficiency activity.Initial clinical trials conducted on animals, then about found several phases of testing on humans.The tests are divided into several phases phase laboratory testing of vaccine candidates study on toxicity, physical properties, chemical composition; phase limited testing of vaccine candidates among research persons on the immunogenicity and safety.


It is.And everyone, who wants and can achieve what you want?So, agreed beeches.Suddenly from the corridor came the voice of Lisa I did!Is sister to come back, explained Kirill Books and Yaks So Alekhina Then he heard a terrible sound, and appeared in the doorway Lisa on the rollers.Have you come to the second floor?asked Cyril.You see, I succeeded!replied Lisa.Oh, who's that?Brother Beeches?Yaki Sazykin, computer little man, at your service gam, bowed down Yaks.

Then the father

He called their father.Gave them a few rods, the rope.Asked to break the bars.Guys, no matter how he tried, you to address the request failed.Then the father unleashed rods and told him to break them one by one.Artem and Zakhar quickly broke all the twigs.The father says synovi YM So you if in unison to live together will be, no one can overpower.And if will quarrel Yes all apart to do with you each can easily cope.THE BATTLE WITH MOSQUITO Arkady was lying in bed and flip through interesting magazine.


The formation of skills of a sound analysis Take images with sounds L and R in the names of the Applications and , turn them, and mix.Put up a character sounds L and R in the Appendix .Take on ml Noah picture and baggage next to the appropriate symbol, calling sound L or R, which hidden in every word.Differentiation of sounds L R in selfeducated combinations of words.Development of skills of inflection Display pictures of objects of Application and and the boy with a girl from When situation .Imagine that boy's name was Roma, and the girl Laura and they have some which depicted objects.

Because when

At the same time observed for the control group, not received the vaccine.Measuring performance, and frequency and types of adverse reactions; A phase IV postlicensing quality control of vaccines.Because when the vaccine may experience a rare adverse reactions or delayed adverse reactions, or a specific reaction in people with different pathology, research continues and after certification of the vaccine.It should be noted that the word vaccine in translation on a professional copper Qing language became the terms vaccination or revaccination.This vaccination primary means introduction of vaccine into the body.

Are signed

On it there are not enough inscriptions and abundance inscriptions on ordinary cards confuses the child, confuses.Are signed only continents and oceans.Such cards are, as a rule, laminated, it is a uvelichiva et the price, but gives the chance to do any inscriptions by a felttip pen, and then st their host.If such card did not get to you, look for any card of hemispheres of the big size.The card can hang on a wall, is absolutely low from a floor that the kid could it to examine, draw on it.


Create a separate calendar for longterm projects, that the child could keep account of work on them see.Performance long urgent projects.Provide encouragement for beginningcompletion of work in time or performance of work without reminders.For younger school students can be enough to fix time and a place for homework performance, as usually at them all steam of tasks for evening.Sometimes it is useful to ask them to estimate, what is the time it will be required on performance of that or other task.It promotes training of skill of management time.

Thus, merge

Therefore, to to simple and pure drawing up the word the child attaches two exercises comparison and choice graphic signs the first when chooses from a box with letters necessary to it; the second when finds where it is necessary to put a letter.Thus, merge in one three exercises, in total fixing an image of the graphic sign corresponding to a word sound.In this case zauchiva the scientific research institute is facilitated in three ways, and concepts are acquired in one third of that time what would be it is necessary at old methods.

Do my the teachers

And I was taught that the greatest joy is to Rule over So Alekhine books and Yaks other, followed Joy filled chests.Do my the teachers been wrong, because it is the wisest people in the world.Not all want the same!said the girl.But you're right, said the Prince, my youngest brother love to give orders and to count the money.And he likes to try on my crown before a mirror!This is when is he joy!And what brings joy to you?I love to play and compose music, and I like your the cosy garden.

So, a literary

So, a literary quartet it is possible to give only the Russian literature or world for younger and average school students can consist of such cards Pushkin Alexander Sergeyevich Ruslan and Lyudmila, The tale of the tsar Sal thane, Eugene Onegin, Queen of spades; Lermontov Mikhail Yuryevich Hero of our time, Masquerade, Mtsa ri, The sail lonely grows white; Chekhov Anton Pavlovich Seagull, The Cherry Orchard, Vanka Zhukov, Ionych; Dostoyevsky Fedor Mikhaylovich Teenager, Poor people, Brothers Karamazova, Crime and punishment; Bulgakov Mikhail Afanasyevich Master and Margarita, Dog serd tse, White Guard, The theatrical novel; Moliere Jean Baptiste Tartyuf, Amfitrion, A lesson to wives, The doctor on to bondage; Dumas Aleksander.

The best

Of course, it is not harmful unless for the material to have under a hand in the house Montessori's material but if we want that it made educational impact, have to to add it with some management.Besides, it is worth to remember that material at all not the most important line of the program of Montessori.The best use of system of Montessori on it will become clear to the house from reading this book.If parents recognize of zhi Montenssori something valuable concerning life of the child, his need for activity, characteristic receptions direct manifestation of its abilities will also manage to use reasonably this knowledge, the task of the great Italian teacher can be considered successfully executed.

For example

For example Want to eat?Go to sleep?Let's play?To give you the juice?Will watch TV?You warm?See a car?The second series of questions complicated game Yes no.Baby injected into a situation when real dei actions suggest a negative answer to the question.For example measures are You sitting?when a child is on; You do not play?Koog yeah baby plays.These questions activate recemtly tion processes, as they put the baby in front of the need con analyze the statement contained in EO the dew.

Repeat with

Use letters of reminder an operations procedure in carat tinka, lists and schedules, depending on age of the child.On porridges the house a stage ask to check the schedule or to glance in the list.Repeat with the child that he already has to know, neposredstven but before a situation for example That you have to tell the aunt Mary, when it will give you a gift?.Let the child will think that will help it to remember that that the important.If the child studies at high school, use the mobile phone, the SMS or chat to remind it of important tasks, to tory it has to execute.

It is sometimes

But actually major factor of development of a selfassessment in children overcoming is difficult sty.Than they will be able to use more situations for check of the skills, especially assured they will be that will be able to consult with new difficulties.It is sometimes obvious that the best decision in general to avoid to an opreda Lena situations as she demands a number organizational on vyk which the child does not have.For this reason wise parents of an org nizut family holidays, considering, what is the time will be able wiped to reap the child; look for nurses for the period of important events, for example weddings, when is great the probability of that children can spoil a ceremony.

Among food

MIXES FOR THE CHILDREN HAVING THE ALLERGY TO PROTEINS OF THE COW MILK In recent years in structure of children's incidence the increasing specific weight the pathology caused by intolerance of various products gets food.Among food intolerance, especially at children of early age, most often it is necessary to meet intolerance of cow's milk, mainly its proteinaceous and carbohydrate components, and also glyutensoderzhashchy products.Clinical manifestations of the diseases connected with food intolerance are characterized by the expressed polymorphism.

To The combination

Cleaner.Squinted.Generosity.Mironosets.to The combination of midrange pronounced S THE SECOND STAGE DISCERNMENT SOUNDS CAMPING IN SHCH THE OFFERS AND COHERENT SPEECH Differentiation of sounds CAMPING S & d proposals, compiled by reference to the words Listen pairs of words and make them interesting proposals.For example Senya took a clothes brush and brushed his coat.Senya brush.Aspen goldfinches.Autumn vegetables.

To cook minutes

a spoon, salt to taste.To boil water, to add salt, sugar, to pour a thin stream at the fast stirring semolina.To boil and gradually to pour in milk.To cook minutes on weak fire.To add oil.Cream of wheat with a yolk Semolina tablespoon, butter h.a spoon, a yolk pieces, milk ml, water ml, salt to taste.To boil ml of milk.A thin stream to pour tablespoon into the boiling milk semolina to cook, stirring slowly, minutes to salt.

But these

examination of the compliance with the standards.But these cases are not so much, and I can assure you, kOhm pany for a long time remember the lesson and will make every Wuxi Leah, that this would never happen again economy economic losses from the tainted reputation very great, and even for several years will the fighters belong to the products of this company with OSTROJ in whole.Since our market is constantly come but new companies from abroad, develop new brands of baby food, assortment companies producing it, it is very difficult to transfer pouring all available products on the market.

Vaguely he recalled

And I ran to ride!Then read what you've done!Okay, said Cyril, how should this work?Start somewhere, advised beeches, good books give joy to others!You will, said Cyril.He turned on the computer so to type, but in that moment on the table, out of nowhere, appeared disheveled man in torn jeans and mint the tshirt.Vaguely he recalled beeches, however, very CTD Lenna.In one hand the man was a huge portfolio, and in the other check boxes.Who are you?asked Cyril.


The nature awarded each of us powerful selfregulating immune system which protects an organism from invasion of alien substances.When such stranger gets in us, the organism begins to battle against the got enemy active development of antibodies begins antibodies.However at some people for the most different reasons at hit in an organism certain substances allergens of a cage of immune system begin to develop specific group of antibodies in large numbers the immunoglobulin E possessing special biological characteristics.Process formations of immunoglobulin E is called as a sensitization.

I understand

I understand the mood of parents, concerned with activities related to children's food produced GE industrial way, but based on numerous data can confidently say, the powder or the mixture of banks without much passee than food that you could make at home!Camena breast milk artificial mixtures Factories producing babyfood, with created optimal conditions to ensure that any extraneous impurity, no infections could not fall into products.The mixture is prepared so that in the process their production they stored all necessary substances, and, if necessary, that they have special but added to the finished product.

To use every

Very effective remedy is infusion of walnuts glasses nuts to fill in l of boiled milk in a thermos and to insist hours.Infusion to accept on ?a glass in minutes prior to each feeding of the child a breast.To use every other day.If suddenly milk at mother became less owing to nervous stresses or psycho emotional overstrain, it is possible to calm her nervous system broth or infusion of a valerian or pustyrnik.Only having exhausted all opportunities on restoration of a lactation, it is possible to appoint to the child dokorm.

The teacher

With normal children we have to wait for this spontaneous research of a surrounding situation, it gleam of inquisitive spirit.In similar cases children test big pleasure at everyone new opening.It gives them a pride and satisfactions, induces them to look for the new feelings in environment also makes them independent observers.The teacher has to watch sharpsightedly, when and as the child will reach such generalization of concepts.So, for example, one of our fouryearold babies, running on the yard, one fine day stopped and cried Sky blue!

Even count

Now I want to talk to the brain.The brain looked quite angry when Annie came to him closer.This fool bubble.Even count on his head teshie all time yelling and wakes me as soon as I start to fall asleep.Here a piece of stupidity!I told him so, said Annie.Is it true?surprised the brain.What a whim?Why you is it necessary?And then, my dear fellow, that when he shall be filled, he should to Wake you up, that I might make it to the toilet.

Cm. application

Days to control

days to control ...days to control ...days to control ...day to control ...Assessment by results of the control How effective was a preparation?Answer the following questions .What strategy worked best of all?.What strategy were not quite useful?.Whether enough time was spent for preparation??Yes ?Is not present .If is not present, what it was still necessary to make?.

Who's to the couch

Then clearly, highlighting the sound, repeat it as many times as necessary to get the otvechali of povtorjalka.Says an adult child Says I who give two bowls?Pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy.The rain pours down from heaven?In the forest, in the forest, in the forest, in the forest.Who's to the couch sneaker was carrying?The dog, the dog, the dog, the dog.That you couldn't finish?Juice, juice, juice, juice.The neighbor brought to us?Kvass, kvass, beer, kvass.


To observe the actions of the adult, listen to a few of fairy stories.For the choice of toys, to show and tell similar stories.FIGHTERS In the forest wolf and Fox have found a piece of meat and steel from him to fight.While they fought, crow flew, and took the meat.You cannot fight, fight will not help!All questions can be but to solve it for good, for good!NEUILLY BYCHOK Lived were in a fairy house Elephant Andrew, Mumps and Julia Black Bull.Bull did not want to call other animals by name, when umyval them rough nicknames.

Moreover, along

Sometimes it is difficult to judge how seriously on harming from frostbite , so to have a re the child first aid should in any case tea and then delivered to the doctor .If frostbite very serious, ambulance assistance should you to call immediately.Moreover, along with ammo rosenhiem the child may be hypothermia.Degree frostbite I degree frostbite pale bluish spot, surrounded by bright red skin.I the degree frostbite cyanotic skin with blisters filled with clear liquid stoobar W I degree frostbite I n s W h I K o W and bubbles filled with bloody liquid.

Plant to say. Nude

Bag dial. Band

Even if you have

Change of yours behavior and behavior of the child a hard work, and you will be able rather to achieve success when everything is quiet.Even if you have no strong stress, it is necessary for you at to sposablivatsya to daily situations which influence yours ability effectively to work and help the child to consult with difficulties.An unlucky day at work, a lack of a dream at night, hunger scientific research institutes before medical procedure can lead to a nervous naprya zheniya or to cause intolerance in relation to the child.

The crane

In the rye rust La red horse.The reins from the skin into the clamp entree.Two dozen feet from Sorokina ZHEK.Rain, rain, no rain, no rain now, wait!Hedgehog under the tree house EP chic in the still of the reservoir.The toad and the beetle live together, live together, eggplant chew.Jeanne sorry Jean, Jean sorry for Jannu.Acorn in the puddle lies, yellow leaf over it turns.The crane was friends with toad, if only wanted friendship a toad.Two snakes in a narrower one, but it is not twit.

To use the scheme

Every beast wanted to tell the neighbors themselves.To use the scheme description page and to make such stories about animals, arts brunnich in the pictures.TIK OF NEVELICHKA Using the scheme and pictures, detailed comparison you know birds.Try that would comparative stories were full, contained information on each of the items plan scheme if knowledge about birds is not enough to ask adults to read you something special social encyclopedia.APPEARANCE, BODY PARTS WINTERING OR MIGRATORY WHERE HE LIVES WHAT FEEDS AS DISPLAYS JUVENILES WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF MAN HISOTRY TV PRESENTER To determine the profession of the people depicted in the pictures.

Put the grain, and will

Ask adult explain the meaning of each statement.How do you think, in what cases so say?Just one step at will.A cat in a bag.Speak less, think more.Soul sank.To live a widely good!You know, the cat, his basket.Put the grain, and will gain bag.Who buns Yes donuts who bruises Yes cones.The cat only on mice brave!Many pies a lot of buddies, no pies, no buddies.Our hlebushka all dishes grandfather.You never know where you will find where will lose.


The new type of a feeding up should be entered only after full adaptation of the child to previous in temporary parameters adaptation averages weeks.It is not necessary to give the same type of a feeding up times a day.It is necessary to diversify a feeding up with food vegetable and animal origins.Porridges should be cooked from various grain but for the absolutely small children of porridge have to be bezglyutenovy it will be a question of it further.Dishes of a feeding up have to be homogeneous uniform in a consistence and not to cause in the child of difficulty when swallowing.


But the buds of the child are not yet developed, salt sodium is excreted bad and accumulates in the body.Sugar also contributes to the development of caries, load the pancreas and produces the baby when the call letters to the sweet.If you immediately start to feed re the child mashed jars, not improving its taste spoon sugar, baby will be happy to eat fresh, but useful product.Consistency of mashed jars corresponds who grow up kid, indicated on the label.And in home conditions it is practically impossible to grind products you're so that they are well digested and not Cravero Wali digestive system.


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