Cm. application

Cm. application Cm.

application SPECIAL FLY SPECIAL COMMUNICATION Recommendations psychiatrist higher qualification Noah category C.


Vinilovoj The main principles of communication with children and teenagers, preventing and relieving emotional and behavior the student disorders Preface Dear mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers!

TRAI eat You recommendations that should help all adults small family members to establish with the child smooth dobroje undesirable relations, to relieve the tension, nervousness, and misunderstanding that has arisen in communion with him.

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Days to control

Days to control days to control .



days to control .



days to control .



day to control .



Assessment by results of the control How effective was a preparation?

Answer the following questions .

What strategy worked best of all?


What strategy were not quite useful?


Whether enough time was spent for preparation?


Yes ?

Is not present .

If is not present, what it was still necessary to make?


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Who's to the couch

Who's to the couch Then clearly, highlighting the sound, repeat it as many times as necessary to get the otvechali of povtorjalka.

Says an adult child Says I who give two bowls?

Pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy.

The rain pours down from heaven?

In the forest, in the forest, in the forest, in the forest.

Who's to the couch sneaker was carrying?

The dog, the dog, the dog, the dog.

That you couldn't finish?

Juice, juice, juice, juice.

The neighbor brought to us?

Kvass, kvass, beer, kvass.

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FIGHTERS To observe the actions of the adult, listen to a few of fairy stories.

For the choice of toys, to show and tell similar stories.

FIGHTERS In the forest wolf and Fox have found a piece of meat and steel from him to fight.

While they fought, crow flew, and took the meat.

You cannot fight, fight will not help!

All questions can be but to solve it for good, for good!

NEUILLY BYCHOK Lived were in a fairy house Elephant Andrew, Mumps and Julia Black Bull.

Bull did not want to call other animals by name, when umyval them rough nicknames.

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Moreover, along

Moreover, along Sometimes it is difficult to judge how seriously on harming from frostbite , so to have a re the child first aid should in any case tea and then delivered to the doctor .

If frostbite very serious, ambulance assistance should you to call immediately.

Moreover, along with ammo rosenhiem the child may be hypothermia.

Degree frostbite I degree frostbite pale bluish spot, surrounded by bright red skin.

I the degree frostbite cyanotic skin with blisters filled with clear liquid stoobar W I degree frostbite I n s W h I K o W and bubbles filled with bloody liquid.

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