However The nature awarded each of us powerful selfregulating immune system which protects an organism from invasion of alien substances.

When such stranger gets in us, the organism begins to battle against the got enemy active development of antibodies begins antibodies.

However at some people for the most different reasons at hit in an organism certain substances allergens of a cage of immune system begin to develop specific group of antibodies in large numbers the immunoglobulin E possessing special biological characteristics.

Process formations of immunoglobulin E is called as a sensitization.

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I understand

I understand I understand the mood of parents, concerned with activities related to children's food produced GE industrial way, but based on numerous data can confidently say, the powder or the mixture of banks without much passee than food that you could make at home!

Camena breast milk artificial mixtures Factories producing babyfood, with created optimal conditions to ensure that any extraneous impurity, no infections could not fall into products.

The mixture is prepared so that in the process their production they stored all necessary substances, and, if necessary, that they have special but added to the finished product.

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To use every

To use every Very effective remedy is infusion of walnuts glasses nuts to fill in l of boiled milk in a thermos and to insist hours.

Infusion to accept on ?

a glass in minutes prior to each feeding of the child a breast.

To use every other day.

If suddenly milk at mother became less owing to nervous stresses or psycho emotional overstrain, it is possible to calm her nervous system broth or infusion of a valerian or pustyrnik.

Only having exhausted all opportunities on restoration of a lactation, it is possible to appoint to the child dokorm.

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