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Plant to say. Nude

Plant to say. Nude Differentiation of sounds W in words with this sound Looking at images of the characters from Annex , tell the sound or W, hid HSIA in every word.

Clearly speak a couple of words, check their meaning.

Hall stings.

Called waited.

Heat ash.

Base barge.

Name chewed.

Fire Bazaar.

Plant to say.

Nude lying.

Leather goats.

Run knit.

To say press.

Jacket ban.

Zaznajka lawn.

Check peephole.

Roam bite.

Driven go.

Knives basins.

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  • It does
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  • To steam
  • The teacher
  • Small to chop
  • To The combination
  • Bag dial. Band
  • The best
  • Porridges
  • What was called, feels