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Thus, merge

Thus, merge Therefore, to to simple and pure drawing up the word the child attaches two exercises comparison and choice graphic signs the first when chooses from a box with letters necessary to it; the second when finds where it is necessary to put a letter.

Thus, merge in one three exercises, in total fixing an image of the graphic sign corresponding to a word sound.

In this case zauchiva the scientific research institute is facilitated in three ways, and concepts are acquired in one third of that time what would be it is necessary at old methods.

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Do my the teachers

Do my the teachers And I was taught that the greatest joy is to Rule over So Alekhine books and Yaks other, followed Joy filled chests.

Do my the teachers been wrong, because it is the wisest people in the world.

Not all want the same!

said the girl.

But you're right, said the Prince, my youngest brother love to give orders and to count the money.

And he likes to try on my crown before a mirror!

This is when is he joy!

And what brings joy to you?

I love to play and compose music, and I like your the cosy garden.

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So, a literary

So, a literary So, a literary quartet it is possible to give only the Russian literature or world for younger and average school students can consist of such cards Pushkin Alexander Sergeyevich Ruslan and Lyudmila, The tale of the tsar Sal thane, Eugene Onegin, Queen of spades; Lermontov Mikhail Yuryevich Hero of our time, Masquerade, Mtsa ri, The sail lonely grows white; Chekhov Anton Pavlovich Seagull, The Cherry Orchard, Vanka Zhukov, Ionych; Dostoyevsky Fedor Mikhaylovich Teenager, Poor people, Brothers Karamazova, Crime and punishment; Bulgakov Mikhail Afanasyevich Master and Margarita, Dog serd tse, White Guard, The theatrical novel; Moliere Jean Baptiste Tartyuf, Amfitrion, A lesson to wives, The doctor on to bondage; Dumas Aleksander.

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The best

The best Of course, it is not harmful unless for the material to have under a hand in the house Montessori's material but if we want that it made educational impact, have to to add it with some management.

Besides, it is worth to remember that material at all not the most important line of the program of Montessori.

The best use of system of Montessori on it will become clear to the house from reading this book.

If parents recognize of zhi Montenssori something valuable concerning life of the child, his need for activity, characteristic receptions direct manifestation of its abilities will also manage to use reasonably this knowledge, the task of the great Italian teacher can be considered successfully executed.

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For example

For example For example Want to eat?

Go to sleep?

Let's play?

To give you the juice?

Will watch TV?

You warm?

See a car?

The second series of questions complicated game Yes no.

Baby injected into a situation when real dei actions suggest a negative answer to the question.

For example measures are You sitting?

when a child is on; You do not play?

Koog yeah baby plays.

These questions activate recemtly tion processes, as they put the baby in front of the need con analyze the statement contained in EO the dew.

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Repeat with

Repeat with Use letters of reminder an operations procedure in carat tinka, lists and schedules, depending on age of the child.

On porridges the house a stage ask to check the schedule or to glance in the list.

Repeat with the child that he already has to know, neposredstven but before a situation for example That you have to tell the aunt Mary, when it will give you a gift?


Let the child will think that will help it to remember that that the important.

If the child studies at high school, use the mobile phone, the SMS or chat to remind it of important tasks, to tory it has to execute.

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