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It does

It does Organizational skills are necessary for your child for this purpose, that yours came true or they are dreams and hopes.

By the end under the rostkovy period children have to master fundamental skill dy to stvovat with a reasonable share of independence.

It does not mean that it is impossible for them from time to time to ask for the help or council.

But we it is more all should not plan and organize for them, speak to them, when it is necessary to start carrying out this or that task, to bring things, a cat ry they forgot, to remind that it is necessary to be attentive at school.

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Show to the child

Show to the child оооооооо PERESA SHARE, WE SHIFT Seat the kid at the table in kitchen.

Put before it some pans, glasses, to the robocheck from plastic.

Fill in them not however to spoons of different grain small, large, fi gurny macaroni.

Show to the child how to pour contain mine of one pan in another how to shift its spoons of the different size, handfuls or two mya fingers.

Leave the kid with all this wealth in private that is do not participate in its games, simply observe from outside.

Game carries away some kids so, that they are ready to indulge in it every day and not once.

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Finish the massage

Finish the massage Help with bloating Massage of the abdomen .

Lightly on clockwise direction around the navel massage baby belly .

Do it with the right hand a circular motion , starting with POPAI skills and , gradually increasing pressure , stretch the muscles of the abdomen.

Thus rokisober must be clean and fine plastered layer of any nutritious cream .

A long of treatment no more than to minutes.

Finish the massage of the abdomen also pie movements.

If the child is naughty , spend massage admission.


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Children Folk remedy for the common cold Dissolve teaspoon of honey in table spoons of heat Loy boiled water.

Wind on spichku PART II.

SYMPTOMS DISEASES fleece, wet it and place in nose for minutes.

If the baby is restless , worry, you must first work through him one nostril, and then the second.

Children from years old can mash a clove garlic, add Art.

spoons of warm boiling Cheney water .

To insist minutes in a tightly behind covered jar, then strain and bury quickly into the nose, in one and the other nostril.

When spasmodic phenomena and General, one that the some kids just stuff a pillow cones hops.

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Buckwheat Then, when grain will take away practically all water to put h.

a butter spoon, densely to close a cover and to put on a water bath for minutes.

Buckwheat cereal with vegetables in an ancient way To touch, wash out tablespoons of buckwheat.

To put in a pan to cut beets or carrots or a vegetable marrow in cubes and to connect to grain.

To fill in pan contents with glasses of hot water, to salt a little and to cook on weak fire, often stirring slowly.

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Vaccines, like

Vaccines, like To vaccinate against all infections with a single injection of drugs the requirement for an ideal vaccine.

Vaccines, like other medicines, undergo numerous Lenna clinical trials to ensure maximum safety and efficiency activity.

Initial clinical trials conducted on animals, then about found several phases of testing on humans.

The tests are divided into several phases phase laboratory testing of vaccine candidates study on toxicity, physical properties, chemical composition; phase limited testing of vaccine candidates among research persons on the immunogenicity and safety.

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