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Then the father

Then the father He called their father.

Gave them a few rods, the rope.

Asked to break the bars.

Guys, no matter how he tried, you to address the request failed.

Then the father unleashed rods and told him to break them one by one.

Artem and Zakhar quickly broke all the twigs.

The father says synovi YM So you if in unison to live together will be, no one can overpower.

And if will quarrel Yes all apart to do with you each can easily cope.

THE BATTLE WITH MOSQUITO Arkady was lying in bed and flip through interesting magazine.

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Differentiation The formation of skills of a sound analysis Take images with sounds L and R in the names of the Applications and , turn them, and mix.

Put up a character sounds L and R in the Appendix .

Take on ml Noah picture and baggage next to the appropriate symbol, calling sound L or R, which hidden in every word.

Differentiation of sounds L R in selfeducated combinations of words.

Development of skills of inflection Display pictures of objects of Application and and the boy with a girl from When situation .

Imagine that boy's name was Roma, and the girl Laura and they have some which depicted objects.

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Because when

Because when At the same time observed for the control group, not received the vaccine.

Measuring performance, and frequency and types of adverse reactions; A phase IV postlicensing quality control of vaccines.

Because when the vaccine may experience a rare adverse reactions or delayed adverse reactions, or a specific reaction in people with different pathology, research continues and after certification of the vaccine.

It should be noted that the word vaccine in translation on a professional copper Qing language became the terms vaccination or revaccination.

This vaccination primary means introduction of vaccine into the body.

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Are signed

Are signed On it there are not enough inscriptions and abundance inscriptions on ordinary cards confuses the child, confuses.

Are signed only continents and oceans.

Such cards are, as a rule, laminated, it is a uvelichiva et the price, but gives the chance to do any inscriptions by a felttip pen, and then st their host.

If such card did not get to you, look for any card of hemispheres of the big size.

The card can hang on a wall, is absolutely low from a floor that the kid could it to examine, draw on it.

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Sometimes Create a separate calendar for longterm projects, that the child could keep account of work on them see.

Performance long urgent projects.

Provide encouragement for beginningcompletion of work in time or performance of work without reminders.

For younger school students can be enough to fix time and a place for homework performance, as usually at them all steam of tasks for evening.

Sometimes it is useful to ask them to estimate, what is the time it will be required on performance of that or other task.

It promotes training of skill of management time.

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