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But since

But since If parents do not estimate progress, to them often it seems that the system does not work, and they start over again to grumble on children.

Distortion we learn to estimate time performance of a task Nathan's parents always appreciated consistency of the son vosmiklas snik.

It is especially allocated against the sister panicking every time on the eve of examination.

But since the boy passed into an average shko lu, its habit to postpone Chapter began to disturb parents more and more.

Schooling to planning of time honor homework to withdrawal to a dream.

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Cut a bread

Cut a bread In the yellow bowl put a yellow bead and ask those baby to find the same and put it in a bowl.

Let baby lay down in the bowl, all yellow beads.

Add other items yellow and say, See, they too yellow!

Game develops cognitive skills, suppose activities, forms of representation about the basic the colors.

Unusual sandwich Agree, have a sandwich delicious.

Cut a bread slice diagonally and butter.

The baby will be to decorate a sandwich.

Let him think top berries, banana, raisins.

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Hey, guys, explained

Hey, guys, explained Beeches and Kirill read the inscription and looked at him quizzically.

Hey, guys, explained Yaki I'm for that man, who so much money that he was able to buy an expensive pearl his wife!

But the story is not about that, said Cyril.

What about?

That if you really what you want to do something for this, then the dream will come true!

It is good!

replied Yaks.

I wish million I became more and more, that is why we are sitting here with you study the interests of consumers!

And we thank thee for this, said beeches.

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It does

It does Organizational skills are necessary for your child for this purpose, that yours came true or they are dreams and hopes.

By the end under the rostkovy period children have to master fundamental skill dy to stvovat with a reasonable share of independence.

It does not mean that it is impossible for them from time to time to ask for the help or council.

But we it is more all should not plan and organize for them, speak to them, when it is necessary to start carrying out this or that task, to bring things, a cat ry they forgot, to remind that it is necessary to be attentive at school.

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Show to the child

Show to the child оооооооо PERESA SHARE, WE SHIFT Seat the kid at the table in kitchen.

Put before it some pans, glasses, to the robocheck from plastic.

Fill in them not however to spoons of different grain small, large, fi gurny macaroni.

Show to the child how to pour contain mine of one pan in another how to shift its spoons of the different size, handfuls or two mya fingers.

Leave the kid with all this wealth in private that is do not participate in its games, simply observe from outside.

Game carries away some kids so, that they are ready to indulge in it every day and not once.

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