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To steam

To steam Ready porridge to fill with small cut yolk and h.

butter spoon.

On to desire during cooking to put in porridge tablespoon of sugar or honey.

Cream of wheat with apples Semolina h.

spoons, water glasses, apples g, sugar St.

spoon, salt to taste.

To steam out semolina in boiled water together with cleared and cut on cubes apple.

To pour tablespoon of sugar and a pinch of salt into ready porridge, properly to stir and allow to boil once again.

Buckwheat cereal with onions and egg Buckwheat glasses, water glass, onion pieces, egg pieces, butter tablespoon, salt to taste.

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Parents of the children

Parents of the children These children in other institutions found unsupervised on the program of mass education mental backward.

Parents of the children were not agree with this diagnosis, they were interested in the opinion of the specialists of the Center.

Was organized approximately diagnostic course the duration of months.

Parents are not just when has no competition in the classroom, they were active part partners specialists.

The diagnosis was confirmed in only six children.

children currently enrolled in school standard programs.

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At this time

At this time During pregnancy juice, fruit, berries are recommended are especially useful forest which the person did not poison nitrogencontaining yet fertilizers.

At this time it is better to refuse such food which is heavy is digested fat grades of meat, pies, smoked products, or prepares with addition of nitrates sausage, sausages, or is for some allergen fish, chocolate, cocoa.

By the beginning of pregnancy it is necessary to try to treat all chronic centers of an infection in teeth, a nasopharynx, urinogenital and digestive systems.

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Remember specified Yaks.

It always works!

said Cyril.

Why, I thought that these issues are only on when the relics of money!

As you see, not always.

On a desert island, for example, money is generally the most useless thing.

Remember Robinson and Friday.

Think I begin to occur some changes, said Yaks, 't hurt if it's my business?

Do not be afraid of change, said beeches, next the story is all about.

Ldinka and sunbeam A nice cold Ldinka was very proud of herself.

She was so perfect that the sunbeam involuntarily Zala needed it As you're gorgeous!

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Trust but verify

Trust but verify By the way, according to the mentioned Decree, citizens have the right to get acquainted with the materials of the inspection, used when considering their Zam the amendments to appeal in the prescribed manner refusal to provide books, and also in the consideration of the merits described in the book of comments in superior organizations Committee on health, Ministry of health the hot lines shown in Appendix and or in Sudwest IMPRISONMENT.

Trust but verify So, in our opinion, the advantages of vaccination is much greater than the cons.

Od this, however, if you take humanity as a whole.

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