In it the difficult

In it the difficult Now many children are compelled to struggle with tasks, which to a treb yut level of development of organizational skills inaccessible to them.

In it the difficult world we cannot leave things to chance.

We have to give to children accurate instructions to define problem behavior and move scientific research institute, conducting to achievement of the purpose, and then to develop and use in practice algorithm of training with gradual weakening of control.

However there are also other, more natural ways of training with the help support and even games promoting development organizational on vyk in general, but not study of specific objectives.

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Functional Timeframe utero, infant, and early, preschool age.

Depending on the place of action the damaging factor allocate speech disturbances prices Central or peripheral character.

functional disorders arise from the who actions social reasons somatic weakness, pedagogical neglect, stress and mental illness diseases, social or emotional deprivation failure emotional, speech communication and contact comrade with adults, especially with his mother and close friends.

Deviations speech development have their own characteristics in each age.

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Vine rose. They

Vine rose. They Choose pictures and tell us that there are Roma and Laura.

For example Roma and Laura have tomatoes and beets.

Differentiation of sounds L R in words with similar sounds Looking at images of the characters from Annex , call one of the two sounds L Ilir, hidden in every word.

Clearly speak a couple of words, check their meaning.

Ray streams.

Plough pond.

Hands wells.

Brooch fleas.

Vine rose.

They were waiting for the gift.

Frame shop.

Columns crown.

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Transparent The prepared forcemeat to cut in the form of balls size about hazelnut.

Transparent borsch Beef g, carrots g, beet g, pickles g, onions g, parsley g, water ml, sugar g, salt g.

To cook beef broth with korenye and onions.

To cut beet and cucumbers small slices.

To put the prepared vegetables in the boiling meat broth and to cook minutes at weak boiling.

To add sugar, salt, to boil to readiness.

To a borsch to serve croutons or toasts.

Broth with a cauliflower Beef g, a cauliflower g, carrots g, onions g, butter g, greens of parsley, fennel, salt to taste.

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In more detail

In more detail Perhaps, it is the most underestimated strategy, which parents and teachers should use for formation neobkho dimy skills and correct behavior.

In more detail about it we let's talk in chapter .

Chapter .

Definition strong and weaknesses of the child Work on weaknesses Now analyse weaknesses of the child.

Most likely, on mortars because of which at it arises most of all troubles or which most strongly irritate you, get to one of these katy riya.

Perhaps, angers you that the son constantly forgets to bring home the books necessary for performance of homework, or leaves expensive sports equipment on a game field or at the friend.

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